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Just arrived the FX DRS in Walnut and Synthetic .177

Walnut £889.99

Synthetic £753.99

An ideal affordable mid priced PCP

That weighs only 5.2lbs!

Wellington Rifle Club

Wellington Rifle & Pistol Club

The club is situated in Skipton and has recently had a comprehensive refurbishment. 

For any information regarding Wellington Rifle and Pistol Club please email them:


New Members are now welcome please attend when the club is open and ask to speak to the RO (Range Officer) who will provide you with all the required information and forms.

Opening Days and Times:

Monday - 7pm - 9pm - Air Weapons Only

Tuesday - 7pm - 9pm - Air Weapons, Rifle and Black Powder

Wednesday - 10am - 12pm - Sub 6ft/lb Pistol 10M

Wednesday - 7pm - 9pm - Pony Club

Thursday - 10am - 12pm - Air Weapons, Rifle and Black Powder

Thursday - 7pm - 9pm - Air Weapons, Rifle and Black Powder

Friday - CLOSED

Saturday - CLOSED

Sunday - 9am - 11am - Air Weapons, Rifle and Black Powder

Sunday - 7pm - 9pm - Air Weapons, Rifle and Black Powder

The above days and times are subject to there being a RO present, the club may not be open if this is not possible (this is a rare occurrence). The committee does apologise if this happens and they always do their best to ensure that the club is open on the days and times published.