Wellington Rifle & Pistol Club

Wellington Rifle & Pistol Club 

The club is situated in Skipton and currently is coming to the end of an extensive refurbishment. The club is expecting to open in the not to distant future after being closed due to Covid and for the refurbishment to take place. When we are given any information from the committee we will publish it on this page.

The club safety certificate has now been granted and issued. We have been informed that a provisional opening date of the 28th October has been agreed, this is subject to completion of the refurbishment. Opening days and times will  be published once confirmed.

Subscription Renewals: 

If all members can email WellingtonRandP@gmail.com and request a renewal pack, details will then be sent to you regarding renewals and all the required forms for completion and return.

Announcement on behalf of the Committee:




PRESENT: 30 club members in total

For the committee

Bob Cole, Alan Dodd, David Ingham, Conrad Taylor, Nic Foxton, Les Viles, & Paul Beswick.

Apologies: Patrick Harrison, G Sheard

  1. The minutes of the last meeting held in September 2019 were read and agreed. Proposed by Hugh Vann. Seconded by Nic Foxton

  2. Patrick Harrison has stepped down as Treasurer. Bob Cole asked the club to recognise Patrick’s contribution to the club by making him Vice President and also making him an Honorary Life Member. This was agreed by those present.

  3. Les Viles also stepped down as the club’s Secretary. Bob Cole asked members to acknowledge the commitment Les has made to the club over many decades by making him the President of the club. This was agreed by those present.

  4. The subscription fees were agreed to remain at the same rate as last year i.e.

£40 for an adult

£10 for 13-18 YO

£5 for under 13's

  1. Chairman’s Report: Bob Cole was not in a position to provide an overview of the last 12 months as the club had been closed. He did explain the works that had taken place and that moving forward there would be reviews of the ongoing processes and procedures currently operated by the club.

  2. Election of Officers:

President: Les Viles was elected

Vice-president: Patrick Harrison was elected

Chairman: Bob Cole was elected

Secretary Alan Dodd was elected

Treasurer: Dave Ingham was elected

Election of Committee

The following were duly re-elected onto Committee,

Paul Beswick, Conrad Taylor, Nic Foxton, Dave Ingham, Bob Cole, Alan Dodd.

Two additional members were proposed to be included to the Committee: Ann Hartley and Dave Berry. Both duly elected

7. Any Other Business:

         a. The issue of Range Officers was highlighted. The Chairman explained that he has discussed with Phil Davies who knows a trainer and we are trying to secure his services to run a course for us. The problem is this person is busy and may not be available for approx. 2-3 months. The Chairman also explained that we are exploring the possibility for sending at least two people from the club down to Bisley to undertake a “Train the Trainers” course. This way we would be able to schedule new courses using our own people, plus we may also be able to charge other clubs for providing this service.

         b.It was asked when the range will re-open. The Chairman explained that the NSRA is due to visit next week and whilst there may be some remaining issues around signage within the club, it is expected that our safety certificate will be re-issued.

         c. Members asked if we could publicise daytime opening times. This was agreed subject to there being sufficient people available to open and operate the range safely.

         d. It was asked if members could be issued with identity numbers. In principle this was agreed and will be discussed at the next Committee meeting to assess how it may operate in practice.

         e. Members asked whether we could have a mentoring scheme for new members. It was stated that usually a proposer of a new member also acts as the new member’s mentor during any probation period. Identification of probationary members is made through the use of different coloured membership cards.

         f. The Pony Club confirmed they do wish to continue shooting with us.

        g. Members asked whether those who had allowed their membership to lapse in 2020 owing to the closure of the club could simply renew their membership on production of their 2019 membership card. There was some discussion on this point and the membership agreed that lapsed members from 2019 could renew their membership without the need for any probationary period to be served, subject to those members producing their membership cards and paying the relevant fee for the lapsed year 2020/21 in addition to the fee for 2021/22. The members considered this the only acceptable way forward to avoid discriminating against those who did pay their fees in 2020/21. Any member who chooses not to pay a fee for 2020/21 must re-join as a new member and serve the normal probationary period.

8. The meeting closed at 20:15

9. The next AGM will be held on the range at 19.00 on 21st September 2022.