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Omega Mini GX-E-L3 Compressor


Omega Mini GX-E-L3 Compressor

The new SUPER PORTABLE, SUPER AFFORDABLE,  GX-E-L3 (the L3) means air power anywhere, anytime! No more need for mains electricity or 12v car batteries with cables & croc clips.

The L3 is powered by a Lithium battery with a spare slot on board the machine for a second battery. This extends usage time (rather than giving faster fills). The batteries are the Makita compatible type, and we recommend 18v 6ah or above.

The compressor has been designed to fill only rifles, and anything larger will wear out the piston, but it will fill up to 300bar, and features an auto cut-off  for easy filling. Topping up usually takes only a few minutes, so we would expect a fully charged battery would give up to 4 or 5 refills, depending of course, on how much air is needed for each refill.

The fill hose comes fitted with a QD/Foster style female fitting, typical of most personal comps.

Dimensions: 18 x 25 x 28

Weight: 8.2 kg ex batteries.

L3 compressor, 2 batteries & battery charger ONLY £499.99 & £16 Delivery