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Night Master NM1 Easy-swap LED Modules


Night Master NM1 Easy-swap LED Modules

Have you bought an NM1 with a white LED but you'd like to convert this to a different colour or infrared (IR) without needing to purchase a whole new torch? Look no further.

The NEW NM1 Easy-swap LED Modules enable you to change the colour of your Night Master NM1 hunting light within a matter of seconds. Thanks to the knurled design on the outside casing, there is no longer any need for fiddly tools to install/remove your LED module - simply unscrew the existing LED, then screw the new LED back in.

Each LED has a different coloured ring surrounding the module to allow for easy visual identification on which LED is fitted to the torch and which LED you are about to fit. 

Available LEDs
  • White
  • Red
  • Amber
  • Green
  • IR 850NM
  • IR 940NM