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FUD Green Wing Teal Decoys

FUD Green Wing Teal Decoys

Designed with photorealistic print on neoprene. Can be manipulated to show either Head Up or Head Down.
Blow-moulded model decoys are a poor foundation for a product most commonly used on land and under shotguns. The hunting basics must be delivered before any product can call itself a decoy. Conventional decoys that sink, that crack, that fade, and that cannot handle the elements cannot claim excellence. The fact remains that none of the failings are found in the FUD. Multi-Posture - With multiple points of movement between the head, body and stand, the posture possibilities you can now present to birds overhead is endless and unprecedented. Body Pivot - With either floating or field standing decoys the body section can be rotated forwards to create great feeding postures, or rotated backwards to emulate standing or sentry birds. Simply position the keel at the required mark on the chest plate. Pedestal Pivot - The stand or pedestal also pivots upwards into the body to create great shell postures of birds resting on drillings or stubble. Stand positioning can also be used to adjust the angle of your decoy's body to the ground. Head Movement - The head section moves forwards and backwards, and can be rotated upwards and downwards to create the most realistic of feeding postures ever found in decoys. True feeders are only possible when the head pivots vertically touching the ground.
Decoy Dimensions - L = 36cm, H = 12.2cm, W = 14.4cm
Included In the Pack
6 Decoys, 6 Anchors, Fud Slinger Carrying Hook
Tactics Manual.